What does Social Action mean for Jews?

Tikkun Olam – the Hebrew translates as ‘healing’ or ‘perfecting’ the world and instils a shared responsibility in the welfare of society at large. This can be expressed in a wide variety of personal and creative ways: helping others, looking after our environment, addressing diverse human rights and varied social challenges.

Gemilut Chasadim – the Hebrew phrase means ‘the giving of loving-kindness’ which knows no bounds. It teaches the art of giving without an expectation to receive something material in return. Acts of kindness are engraved in a Jewish way of life, where individuals aspire to give selflessly of their time and of themselves.

Tzedek – the Hebrew translates as ‘righteousness’ and ‘justice’ and amongst other aspects manifests itself through social action and acts of loving-kindness; not because it feels good but because the Jewish faith educates that it is the right thing to do.

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Jewish Social Actions:

JCORE – a Jewish voice on Race and Asylum issues:  www.jcore.org.uk

Being Green and Jewish – Connecting Judaism to the environment. Many useful articles and ideas for how to put Tikkun Olam into practice: www.biggreenjewish.com

Tzedek’s vision is of a Jewish community actively involved in the reduction of extreme poverty. www.tzedek.org.uk

World Jewish Relief – Its aims: Relieving poverty, building sustainable livelihoods, community development, disaster response: www.worldjewishrelief.org


Local Social Actions:

Tackling food poverty: www.charity-link.org

Bone-marrow register: www.rikbasra.com

Supporting asylum seekers and refugees: www.cityofsanctuary.com